Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Stakeholders, stay tuned this summer & look forward to action team work

An open letter I wrote to Stakeholders:

June 15, 2010:

Dear Stakeholders:
I would like to begin by acknowledging each of you for your hard work and dedication to this department improvement process. During the summer, our leadership team will take the opportunity to analyze and discuss the recommendations from the final report and those presented at our last meeting. During our review we will also consider how best to align the first-year suggested priorities with other department priorities and the school district's vision.

Additionally, I will be contacting community and district partners to ensure this effort has sufficiently broad participation and representation of internal and external constituencies who may be directly impacted by changes or who are in a position to support a successful change process. It is essential that each action team is well balanced with a range of individuals with varying backgrounds.

We will continue posting updates, adding resource information, as well as a calendar of events on the website to keep you informed about the process. In the late summer/early fall, we expect to kick off the action team work process with a meeting outlining the purpose and scope of work in which teams will be engaged.

Thank you for your continued interest in this project. We look forward to ongoing communication with you.

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